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Be Your Own Bank Series

Be Your Own Bank

BYOB Series – Why Becoming Your Own Bank Really Works Becoming your own banker may seem like a foreign concept, but if it is implemented correctly, you actually can recoup cash flow that would normally be lost forever and channel the force of compounding interest to work for you as your own bank

BYOB Series – Questions Every Investor Must Answer Preparation and execution are the keys to victory. What are the four questions every investor must face and answer in order to build, grow and preserve wealth both now and in the future.

BYOB Series. Bottom Line for Every Saver If you want to keep your money liquid while also earning maximum returns at the same time (without having to take on more risk), start by understanding the bottom line for every saver

BYOB Series. Introduction to Privatized Banking How is it possible to spend and earn a rate of return on the same money in two places at one time? The answer lies in learning privatized banking strategies to find the real power of your money for now as well as in the future. Unleash the power of your finances.

BYOB Series. 7 Rules of the Bank and Why You Should Care Banks and financial institutions tell us to do one thing but then operate in the opposite fashion. With that in mind, we should understand the rules of the bank in terms of how a bank operates and then mimic their actions in our own personal financial plan.

BYOB Series. Bank Like the Banks. Banks are very good at building wealth…with your money. The banking industry has taught you to keep your money separated. What does that mean?

BYOB Series. Supercharge Emergency Fund Savings.   People get the impression that in order to have safer money, they have to exchange that for little to no growth. That’s not the case and sacrificing interest on something like emergency fund savings over a long period of time really add up, and not in your favor.

BYOB Series. Benefits of Being Your Own Bank. Ever needed a loan? Wouldn’t be nice to just lend yourself the money and cut the bank out of the equation? It can be possible when you become your own bank. In this video, learn more about the benefits of becoming your own bank.

BYOB Series. What is Hybrid Mortgage Arbitrage? Hybrid mortgage arbitrage using life insurance is an innovative financial approach that can potentially provide investors with access to potential higher yields, lower risk, and a wider pool of opportunities. This video is an introduction to Hybrid Mortgage Arbitrage

BYOB Series. One Important Question to Ask Before Buying IUL. If you started looking into using an IUL (index universal life insurance), you should have a lot of questions. What do you need to know and more specifically what is that one important key question you should ask before buying an IUL?

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