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Build A Winning Team In Business

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Winning Team

Create A Winning Team For Your Business


Entrepreneurs need more than just exceptional talent to succeed. To create a winning team, entrepreneurs need their partners and employees to perform at their best, but there’s a fine line between an inspirational leader with high expectations and being that jerk no one wants to be around or communicate with. Here are five things to take into consideration as well as a way to reflect and score yourself when building a winning team.

Shared Vision

Don’t expect them to know. Your partners or employees don’t all start with a shared vision, so make sure the team is clear about the end goal and why it really matters. Find out why each person cares about the goal, and then use those motivations to drive energy and execution. Don’t assume anything about the vision; share it and explain it. Give them a reason to care. 

Competitive Environment

Your team’s competitiveness can be channeled by pushing each partner or employee to do their personal best. Don’t pit any one against the other, but if you can motivate each other, a healthy competitive environment can be a good thing for the team and organization. The whole point of competition from within is to raise each other up and accomplish more by pushing each other. Give them some props and a pat on the back.

Understand and Value the Strengths of Each Person

Appreciate different working styles. Each partner or employee is a unique and important part of the team, so you need to help them identify key skill sets they have and contributions they can make and roles they can take on to support the overall advancement of the team or organization. Be clear in the communication and direction. Helping people take advantage and gain from existing skill sets as well as uncover other unknown or rarely used skills will fuel progress and a winning team. Unlock a person’s potential to maximize growth.

Encourage TEAMWORK

The strength of the team is each individual member but the strength of each member is the team. A well running team can accomplish great things and far exceed what a group of individuals acting independently can do. Get to know each other, push each other towards common goals and recognize the ones that are making it happen without jealousy. One’s victory benefits the entire group’s progress. Together everyone achieves more. Also, show respect to earn respect.

Support Each Other

You are all in this together. Supporting others successes won’t ever dampen yours. Also, working long hours to meet an ambitious goal can be hard and taxing. Support from everyone, at all levels, holds a team together and does a great deal of good with a positive impact on the collective attitude and overall well-being of the organization. Every day is not going to be great but the support can be. With team support, as long as there are people to talk to, things are easier.

Scoring Your Ability to Create a Winning Team

If your team or organization is constantly contracting instead of expanding, then your partners and employees are probably letting you know you have not created a winning environment and your management style needs to be overhauled. If you find yourself in this situation; sharpen your strategy, push pro activity, open dialogue, reduce confusion, laugh together and appreciate your team.

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