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Mike Amos is a former stock and commodity broker as well as hedge fund manager dealing mostly in option strategies in futures markets.  

He is a serial entrepreneur starting, building, growing as well as buying and selling businesses in his entrepreneurial journey.  

Mike sees innovation as the best way to unlock value in markets and the digital environment is continuing to create more innovation that any time in human history.

Applying digital overhauls to big, slow moving industries is one of the best wealth building opportunities of our lifetime.  

Ilana Amos

Ilana Amos moved to the United States from Latvia when she was a kid.  After graduating college she worked in the financial markets for a period of time before leaving to start her own business.

A partner with Mike in companies like MITA Investments as well as M&I Capital Management, she has always continued to build her dreams while on a mission to help others do the same.

She believes that right now is one of the best times in history to be an entrepreneur as everything seems to be changing at such a rapid pace which is opening massive opportunities.


Currently Mike and Ilana work together changing the way financial services agencies are built, operated and managed with a 100% digital and virtual model.

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