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Freedom Plan Should Include Entrepreneurship

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Why Your Plan Should Include Entrepreneurship

Plan E for Entrepreneurship

Freedom Plan Should Include Entrepreneurship 

There has never been a greater time in history to become an entrepreneur! There have also never been more options to consider, decisions to make, or risks to avoid. You can stack the cards in your favor by giving yourself a thorough blueprint for success. Call it your entrepreneur plan or ‘Plan-E.  A freedom plan should include entrepreneurship. 

Why Plan E? 

The first one is a bit personal, that’s good because even though entrepreneurship is business, it’s also very personal and it will reflect everything about who you are. “Which 3 areas of your life do you want more freedom and control over?” There is no wrong answer.  Which one resonates with you?

“What are Your 2 Why’s?”

Who do you pour your money and time into the most?  It’s OK if it’s yourself.  What accomplishment, pursuit, lifestyle, or dream drives you the most? Why become an entrepreneur? Remember if what drives you is freedom the freedom plan should entrepreneurship. 

The Entire Mission

e2E mission is to empower you to live on your terms and to help you gain more freedom over your time and money. If you have entrepreneurship running in your blood (if it is in your DNA) you won’t be truly fulfilled until you make that move. This is about you being who you were meant to be because only then will you build what you were meant to build, impact the lives you were meant to impact, and make a difference in a world that needs entrepreneurs to lead.

Employment is Not Freedom

Remember, the average employment position is not designed to offer freedom, it is designed to pay you a defined amount of money for a defined job. I hope you hear this loud and clear.  Entrepreneurs are not designed for pre-defined limitations. They thrive on flexibility and they need freedom to be creative and dream. But here is the catch; freedom requires time and money, and entrepreneurship is the only way to gain this control.

When you punch the clock for someone else, some other entrepreneur is getting closer to that freedom, not you.

Plan A and B Might Not Work

So as an employee, if your plan ‘A’ was to get a promotion and if ‘B’ was finding a better job, you may now realize you need a new plan…

Your ‘Plan E’ leads to the entrepreneur lifestyle; owning your day, working when you want, collaborating with whomever you like. It is your escape plan for making a smooth transition from where you are to the business you want. Your entrepreneur plan gives you an easier way by lowering risks and removing obstacles. And most importantly, your ‘Plan E’ can put you in the helping hands of experienced e2E leaders who can guide you on your journey.


There will always be failures along the road to building a business. But a solid plan can keep you moving forward in the midst of those stumbles, so you’re not forced to retreat back to employment. It is the difference between hitting a dead end or…hitting the mark. Having a clear, solid plan dramatically increases your chance of making it! Eventual freedom over time and money.  That is the target we’re shooting for.

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