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In Every Crisis Lies Opportunity

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Opportunity in Crisis

In Every Crisis There Lies Opportunity

These are far from normal times in our lives, the markets and the overall economy.  Almost overnight things seemed to have changed into a crisis environment.  A look back in history quickly reveals numerous ways that crises have offered unexpected benefits for countries and societies.   Rapid problem solving and innovation are two that entrepreneurs repeatedly use to create opportunity in crisis times.

The word crisis comes from the Greek meaning to separate and to sift which basically means to keep only what is worthwhile.  There is an opportunity in every crisis and the deeper the crisis, the better the opportunity can be. However, some people are not capable of seeing it.  If you look back in history to the 1930’s, not everyone suffered during the Great Depression. More people became millionaires in America during this time than in any other time in history. Opportunities, that were not present during the 1920s economic boom suddenly became available.  It was these Great Depression entrepreneurs that made the best of their crisis to provide a service, or product for new or existing markets.

We have now entered another period in time and to those with the will to adapt to a new business environment, great opportunity awaits.  The next couple of years will present the opportunity of a lifetime and, as before with so many new problems to solve, there are many opportunities that didn’t exist until recently.  The millionaire mindset identifies there are key differences between the ways people look at money which determines their success in wealth building in times like we are experiencing now.  Some people look at downturns and crisis times in positive terms and as an opportunity, whereas most live in fear of being laid off or not having enough money for current or future needs.  Concentrate on solutions to problems, that is how the rich create wealth. 

Of course, not everyone is cut out for these rough seas, but some individuals stand out as being particularly well-suited for dealing with hard times.  Millionaire Mindset thinkers have the guts to be optimistic right now in these shaky times and reject the middle-class cynicism that plagues a large percentage of the population. It’s not comfortable for a millionaire in the making to keep positive and keep moving when everyone around him or her is negative, cynical or stuck.  Yet, the great ones push forward and are rewarded for the rest of their lives.

One of the companies best positioned to handle these current times is Virtual Financial.  Officially launched in 2014, Virtual Financial is a company that does not have physical meetings, offices or appointments which is now a proven plan & solution for people who want or need to Work From Home in a Real Business.  VF is past the initial stages of virtual ideas, planning, structure, testing, etc., and is now fully executing in the virtual world with a proven digital model that is reshaping one of the largest industries in the world and creating massive opportunity for  entrepreneurs who strategically position themselves at this time.  

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Written by Mike Amos

Founder and active contributor of millionairemindset.life 

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