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Millionaire Habits


Listen. There’s nothing special about most millionaires. You want to know what the big difference is?

Their habits.

What you get out of and achieve in life is the direct result of how you spend your days. Eat crappy food and spend all day on the couch? You’re probably going to wind up fat and lazy. Blow all your money gambling or buying crap you don’t need? Don’t be surprised when you end up broke. You are the cumulative effect of your habits.

If that sounds depressing, it shouldn’t be. Because the real secret is that, if you don’t like where your life is right now, it’s not because you’re somehow worth less than the people who have what you want. They just have different habits, and habits can be changed. If you want to be rich, all you have to do is shift your daily habits to the actions and behaviors that can help make you more successful.


Wake Up Early  

I know. You’re not a morning person. The last thing you want to do is set your alarm clock even earlier than you already do. But if you’re serious about success, you have to be willing to do what millionaires do – and that’s get up early.  Get up early for a week, and use that extra time to improve yourself in some way, whether that’s reading, studying, networking or something else.


Pay Yourself First

While you’re setting your budget? Make sure some of your income (most experts recommend 5-20%) is going to savings. This isn’t glamorous stuff, but remember things will go bad at some point.  Having savings in place is what’ll let you bounce back.  Having assets in place is what is going to help you build wealth.


Take Calculated Risks

Whether it’s investing in a stock or cashing in a 401(k) to start a business, millionaires take calculated risks. In these risks, the rewards of success are far greater than the costs of failure, and the chances of success are good.



Few people reach their potential alone. Millionaires build powerful networks of contacts in all areas of life. Millionaires know that their next employer, customer, or partner may be anywhere.


Don’t Pay Interest, Earn It

 Millionaires learn the crippling costs of debt and avoid it at all costs. On the contrary, millionaires save, invest, and even lend money to others to earn interest themselves. Want to take the first step to building your own fortune? It’s simple: Open an account now and start stashing away extra money—automatically—every month.


Do Whatever It Takes

The most inspiring success stories among all the people I know involve incredible sacrifice. From sleeping in cars between two jobs to forgoing personal relationships to get an education or build a business, millionaires don’t simply delay gratification; millionaires endure pain.



No surprise here, the same qualities enabling people to earn millions make them natural leaders. It goes back to the decision to become a millionaire in the first place: The resolution to carve a new path rather than follow the flock.


Be Focused

Millionaires work feverishly towards their goals at all costs. The difference between dreamers and performers is not the number of ideas one has, but how one focuses on executing the best ideas.


Think Big

Few people are surprised when they make their first million. After all, it doesn’t come easily. But long before reaching their goal, millionaires know they want to get there. Rather than looking forward to an annual 3% raise, millionaires dream of working for themselves. Rather than serving 100 customers, millionaires see tens of thousands of accounts.


Say No

One way the wealthy get wealthy is that they know how to say no. They don’t get distracted trying to please everyone or embarking on fruitless side ventures. “In my experience, my wealthiest clients have the ability to say no to people or ideas that they do not understand or that may lead them off course.

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