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Questions Every Investor Must Answer

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Questions Investors Must Answer

Questions Investors Must Answer

Questions Every Investor Must Answer

There are four important questions as well as important challenges every investor faces, and every investor must answer for the best possible outcome and performance.  

 #1 Safety

How do you create the iron-clad guarantee of a financial warehouse where you’re going to store your money that survive things like World Wars, the Great Depression and every other challenging environment over the past decades so that we can boost investment returns without adding any additional risk?  This is extremely important in today’s volatile times.

#2 Liquidity

How do you keep your money in the game and working for you while still having it available for use?  Remember financial liquidity refers to how easily assets can be converted into cash; how much time and how many hoops do we need to jump through to access our funds…basically how restricted are the funds.

#3 Growth

How do you get consistent predictable compounding returns so you can grow your wealth exponentially?  Investing gives you the ability to make more money than you possibly ever could by simply saving so how do we earn a decent rate of return without putting principal or previous gains at risk of loss so we can grow the money with uninterrupted compound interest which is a key to wealth.

#4 Taxes

How do you leverage triple tax advantages so that you can limit your taxes from cutting into your wealth?  We get taxed on everything and sometimes the same thing multiple ways, so we must position ourselves to shield us from the most tax liability both now and going forward to keep the most percentage of our money possible.

Remember the key to victory is in preparation and then execution so these questions and these challenges need to be faced and answered before going into the actual execution stage this will make or break your financial ability to grow wealth and preserve that wealth

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