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You Are All Set – What You Should Expect & What We Expect

Congratulations on taking some initial steps towards learning how to beat the system as well as beat the banks at their own game.  You are going to be learning about exposed financial strategies the banking industry has been using for years to quickly eliminate debt and build wealth.

Just a heads up, be on the lookout as your financial educator will be reaching out to you directly to open a line of communication and to also get you some other information pertinent to the meeting you scheduled.

Things to understand and keep in mind:

  • Nothing to bring other than yourself (paper and pen if you want to take notes)

  • Nothing to buy or subscribe to in this meeting, it’s for your education to help you (it is very timely and valuable information) 

To get the most out of your time with the educator, you should be in a comfortable and quiet setting.

Come to the meeting with a growth mindset meaning open and curious, ready to learn some incredible concepts and strategies, not being afraid to speak up and ask for clarification or for anything to be repeated or explained again.

Understanding that you only have to bring yourself and there is nothing to buy or subscribe to, that means the educator is giving their time for this meeting to help you.  You need to be respectful of their time and make sure you are available for this meeting and show up.  If you need to reschedule or cancel the meeting for any reason, please do so as far in advance of the scheduled meeting time so that slot becomes available for others who are asking for this education and information.

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