May 14, 2021


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The Wealth Crisis – How You Can Take Control of Your Financial Future

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The Wealth Crisis

The Wealth Crisis

The Wealth Crisis – How You Can Take Control of Your Financial Future

The Wealth Crisis and how you can take control of your financial future—and help people everywhere do the same. 

Take a glimpse of how the crisis affects families in communities all over our nation—they’re overspending, they’re not saving, they’re suffering from big losses in the market and the impact of taxes, they’re buckling under the weight of high debt, they’re unable to retire or they’re running out of money in retirement, and regardless of how much they earned in their life—they’re going broke.

Then see how we help our clients navigate today’s financial threats with world-class education and powerful strategies as well as how we build exciting careers and what that might look like.  

One of the primary reasons we has been so successful, is that right now, there’s an overwhelming need for financial education and serving families with financial strategies that help them overcome their personal wealth crisis. This means BIG opportunity.

Millennials have new homes and growing families to protect financially. There’s roughly $68 trillion in Gen-X and Baby Boomer retirement assets that will need to be moved over the next 25 years. If you add up the Boomers and Gen-Xers, that’s 136 million Americans either retiring now or needing guidance to get ready.

With just the Boomers, there are 10,000 retiring every day—almost 4 million people turn age 65 each year and are either switching over to retirement mode or realizing they are unprepared.

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