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Things Self-Made Millionaires Do Most Others Do Not

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Things Self-Made Millionaires Do Most Others Do Not

Most everyone wants the end result but not too many are willing work and make the necessary changes to make it happen.  While some sit around hoping, wishing and praying you can actually work on yourself to gain the discipline, mindset, skills and abilities to do great things.

Who you are as a person, the work you do and the quality of your life is completely within your control.  But, you must become the kind of person who naturally attracts what you want and desire.


Have a Desire to Succeed  

Someone has to have an inherent desire that drives them to want to succeed. Without this, someone will not be able to not execute to their full capacity. While true in all aspects of life, it is particularly true in relation to professional development. Self-made millionaires thirst to achieve at their highest capacity which is the fuel to move them forward no matter what obstacle or environment they encounter.   Working through adversity creates confidence and secures the vision for the future which reinforces the desire to succeed.

Recognize Others and Put Them Ahead of Yourself 

Self-made millionaires have a deep desire to see others succeed along with themselves. Most have the same philosophy that helping others find success will ultimately lead them to their own desired level of success. This is critical during the early developmental years of a self-made millionaire’s path and journey. If someone is surrounded by others that support their ideas and share their vision, it positively impacts their ability to succeed.

Become Disciplined  

Discipline is one of the most important skills no matter if someone is trying to attain business or personal goals.  Without discipline, failure is most likely imminent.  Self-discipline is one of the biggest obstacles keeping most from breaking out. The lack of it creates aimlessness, indecision, procrastination, disorganization, confusion, and eventually the tendency to give up or quit which is the only sure fire way to fail. With a high level of self-discipline, you will be able to reduce negative thoughts as well as actions and create an environment of clarity, simplicity and balance.  Self-discipline will set you apart from the competition and form a winning team or company.

Go with What Works 

Self-made millionaires frequently embrace new ideas, disruption and innovation. However, self-made millionaires also understand the value of  established models and formulas that have proven to be successful in the present or past. Continuously jumping into new ventures can be exciting and thrilling, but it can also be risky and does not always end with the desired outcome. By recycling what has worked in the past, self-made millionaires can take a more calculated risk before they begin and have a more detailed plan of action based on the work of others.

Embrace Advice and Constructive Criticism  

Self-made millionaires are open to hearing from others and taking that advice or criticism in an advantageous way that benefits them and those around them. This guidance is what fuels the desire to improve and make changes for the better.  If someone ignores the input of others, they are in jeopardy of developing tunnel-vision that blinds them as well as stunts their professional and personal growth trajectory.   Advice from steady and trustworthy sources helps inspire someone in their growth process but it also helps others in the same way as that information is passed down to teams, organizations and others starting their own journey.



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