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Part Time Entrepreneur – The Ultimate Hedge

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Part Time Entrepreneur - The Ultimate Hedge

It seems like today’s economy has a central theme, you are on your own. One thing we learned from the great recession is that management and senior positions are a dangerous place to be when the economy goes south. When a company has to make moves on the expense side of the equation, those salaries most always end up on the chopping block. Should you have to live in fear because you worked hard and moved up? Should you have to be at the mercy of your employer because you make good money?

Most all money managers and financial advisors say that one of the main components on the checklist for reaching financial goals in the long term is diversification. Diversification meaning investing in different areas that react differently to the same event. Essentially, you are trying to hedge your risk to make sure events out of your control do not bring crippling losses.

If this is true is smart money management, would the same not be said for your professional life? Is it smart to have your future hinge on a single avenue or path? Probably not. 

I believe we are in a new age of the part-time entrepreneur. The part-time entrepreneur takes control of his or her future by creating it and not leaving it up to a company, firm or organization they work for. By taking control of your future, you are prepared having options which creates choices that you can make, not have made for you.

Part-time entrepreneurship is a platform to hedge your risks in your professional career. With the right opportunity, you can find something you can do from home with a low cost of entry and flexible hours.   Part-time hours and a low cost of entry does not have to mean limited opportunity though. Being at the right time in the right industry with the right company can create an incredible business opportunity.

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Written and Submitted by Mike Amos

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