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Why Virtual, Why Now

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Virtual Business

Why Virtual, Why Now? The Case for a Virtual Career and Business

Technology has allowed for new infrastructure and the ability to build and grow a business from anywhere and anytime. The virtual environment will be a main place for business commerce in the coming years and those who see the vision and are able to get ahead of the curve should be able to put themselves in a position to dramatically change their life for the better in many areas.

The barriers to entry are being removed and there is not the need for brick and mortar offices and all of the overhead that goes along with building or expanding a business with a non-virtual model. If 2008 taught anything to entrepreneurs and businesses it is to be lean and operate in the most efficient way possible. I do not know of a better opportunity today that exists than the virtual model. You have a clear path to exponentially grow a business and not have the worry of wondering if can you afford the expenses of that growth, sometimes too fast for your cash flow.

Other arguments for the virtual model is quality of life and life efficiency. What could you do to improve your life if you take at all the wasted hours of commuting, being at an office, attending meetings and going to sales presentations? Add up all of that time and direct it somewhere else. I know the extra time I currently spend daily with my 16 month old is going to have a huge impact on his life and development as he grows up. Being more productive, using your time wisely and with little waste can dramatically improve your quality of life. Many people find when they remove the wasted time of the daily grind they find they have removed a lot of stress out of their life and can actually get more done than the traditional model.

The 21st century American Dream is going to be one that is deeply rooted in technology. No other time in history can so many people be reached and business transacted from anywhere at any time. This being a unique time also provides a unique opportunity. We are no longer anchored by the weights of an old business model. Accept and thrive from a virtual model. Ambition, determination and hard work are still required but now you can direct that energy towards a virtual environment and reap the rewards of a growing business and a balanced life.

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Written by Ilana Amos

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